About us

Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu, Srisailam was established in 1975 by Sri Vidya Seva Samithi, at the sacred hill shrine of Srisailam, the abode of Matha Bhramaramba and Mallikarjuna Swamy, with the object of carrying out teaching of the Vedas in the traditional Gurukula way to Brahmacharis, joining the Vidyalayamu. Srisailam, known as “Dakshina Kashi” is situated at an altitude of 476 Meters above the mean Sea level, on the Nallamala Hills of eastern ghats in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. Starting with six Vidyarthis, the Vidyalayam functioned in small rooms of Choultries / Dharmasalas in Srisailam, for over a decade, till it could acquire permanent structures. Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu was registered as a Public Charitable Trust on 2nd November 1984 with Dr. Diwakarla Venkatavadhani as Founder President and Sri D.S.M.V.Prasada Rao as Founder Secretary and four others as Founder Trustees.

In the year 1985, Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy Devasthanams , with the permission of Government of Andhra Pradesh, leased out 1,166 Sq. Yards of land to the Vidyalayam for constructing permanent buildings . Additional land to the extent of 1,034 Sq. Yards was also leased out to the Vidyalayam in the year 1992 by the Srisailam Devastanam. Thanks to the munificent donations received from philanthropists and well wishers all these years, Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu could construct a spacious building in the lease-hold land, with all necessary amenities / facilities to accommodate the Vidyarthis, Adhyapakas and other staff. Another structure was built for the Samskrita Maha Vidyalayamu, which was inaugurated on 24th February 2008 by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Swaroopanandendra Saraswathi Maha Swamiji of Sri Sarada Peetam, Visakhapatnam. During the last 39 years of our functioning, more than 100 students studied and successfully completed their Adhyayana in Rig Veda, Yajur Veda and Sama Veda and became Kramapathis and Ghanapathis. They, in turn, are propagating Vedic knowledge in various ways. Sri Venkateswara Veda Viswa Vidyalayamu, Tirupati have granted recognition to our Vidyalayamu.

Whereas, of the total of 1,131 Veda Shakhas pertaining to the Four Vedas, available since time immemorial, 1,118 Shakhas ( i.e., 98.85 % )) were lost during the last 1,000 years of foreign rule, mainly during the times of aggression and onslaughts by the alien religions inimical to our ancient culture and values. Out of the 13 “Shakhas” ( 1.15 %) that remained at present, only 7 are available for Adhyayana through Guru Parampara) . Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu have taken up the sacred task of preserving these very few remaining Veda Shakhas, “ Saswaram“ , in the traditional Gurukula way and also propagation of the purport of the Vedas, ancient Shastras and Sanatana Dharma and their application in the present day modern World, which alone ensures Peace and Prosperity for the mankind ( Sarve Janaa Sukhino Bhavantu). We seek the whole-hearted support and participation of all peace-loving people in this sacred task.
“ Vedo Akhilam Dharma Mulam ” ( The Vedas are the foundation of all Dharma)—Manu
“ Dharmaa Vishvasya Jagatah Pratishtaa” ( Dharma is the firm foundation upon which the entire Universe rests)– Upanishad.

Board of Trustees: The Board of Trustees of Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu, Srisailam consists of devoted people from Mumbai, Chennai, Bangaluru and Hyderabad.

Curriculum: Daily Adhyayana starts at 4.30 A.M. and continues till 9.00 P.M. Vidyarthis perform Trikaala Sandhyavandanam and Agnikaryam. Abhishekam, Pooja are performed both in the morning and evening. Sanskrit and other subjects pertaining to our culture and tradition are also taught daily and on Anadhyayana days. A Vidhyarthi, entering the Vidyalayam , normally at the age of 8 years will take about 10 years to complete “Ghana Paatham” in one Veda and during this period, he also gets a working knowledge of elementary English and basic Computer knowledge. The Vidyalayam incurs an amount of about Rs. 50,000/- per Vidyarthi per annum, including salaries of teachers.

Srimatha Sthupam: “ Srimatha Sthupam” was constructed with Lalitha Sahasranama Stothram inscribed on it. Every year, on Vijaya Dasami Day, during Sharannavaratri Celebrations, the Parayana Patras received from devotees who performed Lalitha Sahasranama Stotra Parayana over the year are deposited in the Srimatha Sthupam. Around Sri Matha Sthupam, a Kadamba Vanam is being developed and on the back of it, a statue of Gayatri Matha is installed and a well shaped Canopy is constructed.

Other activities: Every year, Guru Puja ( Vyasa Purnima) Function is conducted in the Vidyalayam, duly attended by the Trustees, parents of the Vidyarthis, donors, adhyapakas and Vidyarthis. Also, Vasantha Navaratri, Sharannavaratri and Maha Shivaratri are celebrated in the Vidyalayam every year. Srichakrarchana, Maha Lingarchana, Maha Vidya Parayana and Homam, Sapthashathi ( Chandi) Parayana and Homam etc., are performed during the Celebrations. Every year, Veda Vidwat Sabha is held in the Vidyalayamu on the Guru Puja Day and Vedic Scholars honoured.

Commencing from the year 2010, the Foundation Day of Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu are celebrated at Hyderabad, coinciding the Kartika Bahula Chaturthi Day, which include Pravachanams on our Puranas , ancient culture and Shastras etc., . Also, Veda Vidwat Sabhas and Dharmic Programmes are conducted . Donors and well wishers and followers of Sanatana Dharma are invited and made a part of the celebrations. Generally, the Programmes are conducted for a period of 3 days to 9 days.

Goshala Project: A Goshala is maintained in the Vidyalayam Premises to nourish and propagate the native cow breed. For this purpose, a separate Savings Bank Account has been opened at Andhra Bank, Srisailam, styled, “ Sridevi Gosamrakshana Nidhi”. Donors, who wish to participate in this scheme may please do so by contributing at least Rs. 5,000/- to the Gosamrakshna Nidhi.

Appeal: For further details about our Veda Vidyalayamu, Kindly go through our Web Site— “ www.srideviveda.com”. Learning Vedas in their purest form requires acute austerity and dedication. Shastras say that any material contribution provided for encouraging Veda Adhyayana gives the donor, merit a million times over. Please donate liberally for Vedic education by contributing to the Corpus Fund of Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu. You can also contribute for the educational expenses of maintaining one vidyarthi by contributing Rs. 50,000/- per annum.
All donations to Sridevi Veda Vidyalayamu, Srisailam are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961.